Ways to care for a new tattoo

Tattoos are made from scarring the bodies’ skin and inking the scarred part. This is therefore a wounding exercise and as such, great care should be taken in the tattooed area to minimize any chances of infection.

There are several ways you can take care of your tattoo. They include;

  • After you’ve been tattooed, the artist bandages your wound. This is so that the new open wound is not affected by airborne pathogens. Therefore, make sure you don’t take off the bandage before the wound closes.
  • After the bandage time is safely passed. You can now take off the bandage. When you do take off your bandage, you are supposed to wash the tattoo with moderate temperature water and apply some healing cream on. You are advised to use only your hands when washing the area and to tap the area gently with the cream. Also, use only the specified cream only to avoid spoiling your tattoo with a reaction.
  • Lastly, avoid soaking in excess water. A shower is fine, but definitely avoid swimming pools and Jacuzzis. Another very important way to care for your tattoo is to avoid too much direct sunlight. Use sun blocking screen so that your tattoo does not fade.