Tattoos as a form of expression

Expression is all about telling the world what you are comprised of. It’s about saying what you feel, what you do, like, hate and who you treasure most.

There are very many ways of expressing yourself;

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Language
  • Dress code
  • Tattoos

Tattoos are more of a straight forward type of expression. They basically represent what you are in a plain way. Every type of tattoo tells a story about you. For instance;

  • Nature tattoos tell that you are probably a lover of the environment and that you care for it.
  • Animal tattoos basically just represent your preference to the animal kingdom. In most cases they represent your form expression in the animal world.
  • Cartoon tattoos are more of a funny kind. They basically represent that one is a fanatic for animated content
  • Word tattoos are obviously a clear from the message they portray.

There are other modern tattoos that tell of your belief and views about society. Some of them even are used to express your religious affiliation and in some cases, they tell what you treasure most. For instance, some people may prefer to tattoo the faces of the people they love on their bodies to express their feelings. 3D Tattoos are also very popular these days.