Tattoos and religion

One of the most influential factors in life today is religion. This is simply a collection of practices and beliefs that a group of people takes as truth.

There are very many kinds of religions, all across the world at the moment. To mention a few; Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism among others. Despite the difference in religions, there is one single similarity that cuts across all religions. This is the use of symbols to mark or represent certain aspects of the religion. This is the section that brings into light the use of tattoos.

Followers of a certain religion are identified by numerous ways. Some of the ways include;

  • Dress code
  • Language
  • Place of worship

Despite the above most common identifiers of a follower, there has come up a new way in which the modern day society expresses their religion. This is through the use of tattoos. In this kind of expression, the followers use special symbols affiliated with their religion. In most cases it’s usually famous symbols that signify their worship. This type of expression is most in gothic cultures, but the trend has poured out into almost all the types of religions.