Tattoo removal

Remove your tattoo, what are the possibilities.

There used to be a time when getting a tattoo was a permanent contract thing. But this is no more these days. You are able to get a tattoo and have it removed easily and go back to being tattoo less. This can be done in different ways; it all depends on your preference.

The removal can be done through;

  • Laser treatment- this method involves the passing of a concentrated beam of light on the tattoo. During this process the tattoo ink is dissolved by the beam of light and as such the tattoo is removed. This is a very painless process and fast way to get rid of tattoos you don’t want anymore.
  • Another way in which tattoos can be removed is through the use of creams. In this process, you use specified types of creams. The procedure for this is quite simple really. You basically just have to apply a special tattoo removal cream. The cream gradually removes tattoos.
  • Another method of tattoo removal is through the use of salt. During this you basically rub your tattooed area with salt regularly to remove it. This method is however painful as it involves physically scrubbing out a layer of your skin in which the tattoo is.